Bad Girls Club Recap!!!!!

Team Clean/Lame:Judi why do you think we’re so harsh on you?

Judi: Because you care for me.

Why the fuck is Judi confused about who her friends are? I’m fucking confused as to why this crazy bitch is confused.

Priscilla: Tasha! Will you call Tony for me? What the fuck?! Are you fucking 12 years old or what?

I feel so bad for this Tony guy after being interrogated by Team Lame

Tiara always has the best ways of phrasing how she is gonna beat a bitch down

Judi hugging and talking to the plants

Shelly: That’s offensive to me!!!! I used to live in a trailer park!!! Bitch!!! Nastasia is half-white, hence she can say it!!! Jesus, what doesn’t offend this pissy little bitch?!

Then Stasi throws a drink at Shelly’s face and I’m just like:

LMFAO. Shelly is a punkass bitch.

I’m sorry, I’m siding with Tiara. I hate it when stupid motherfuckers play around with the car.

Priscilla: If they wanna act like they’re from the circus, then so be it. What? You guys are wearing circus attire!!!

I really wanna see Shelly and Tasha fight each other over the gay word. I just wanna see all these bitches fight already.